Pinterest: The Lazy Person’s Way to Surf the Web

Just when I thought the world couldn’t get any freakin’ lazier….along comes Pinterest. What is this magic timesucker Pinterest? Well, before if you wanted to surf the web for pictures of cute dogs, delicious food and hilarious photos, you actually had to type that into the google-machine and click on links. Now, you can just click on Pinterest and everyone has done the work for you:

Cute pictures of dogs? Check.

Other people’s clothes? Check.

Hilarious photos? Annnnnnd Check.

It’s all there…along with a unusually LARGE collection of photos of engagement rings. What the what? I still haven’t that figured one out. Someone please explain what the obsession is with that bag of crazy. And if that doesn’t bake your noodle…people comment randomly on the links. None of this deep thought shit because I’ve seen “that looks fierce” more times that appears in an episode of “What Not to Wear.”   

Seriously, has anyone really figured out what Pinterest is for? And why do you have to ask for an invitation to join? It’s like a reverse cult. You aren’t sure why you keep going back, but you do. You start jonesin’ for it like a junkie jonses for a fix. What are people imagining themselves wearing today? While they shop for imaginary rings and post photos of amazingly cute dogs? And for the love of Pete, why haven’t I been saving my old ketchup bottles to use for pancake batter?

On second thought, that just looks disgusting.

But it DOES seem easy.

Damn you Pinterest, Damn you.

52 thoughts on “Pinterest: The Lazy Person’s Way to Surf the Web

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